Frosty Peak Audio
Frosty Peak Audio
Music production and sound design

Frosty Peak Audio

Music and sound design in Turku, Finland


Hello! I’m Matti Faler, and this production label represents my audio adventures and collaborations. My work has been published by Re-Logic, Animoca Brands, Fingersoft, EA Chillingo, Anima Vitae, 2tainment, Martinex, TeacherGaming, YLE, the City of Turku and others.

I enjoy working closely with creative teams and have the skills to produce custom audio in a wide variety of genres. To get an idea of what I can do, have a listen!

No matter whether you are a small new indie team or an already established name, do contact me if you think I might be a good fit for your project. With stylistic knowhow ranging from casual mobile games to serious atmospherical sci-fi, I’d be very happy to discuss things further.

You can reach me via the message box at the end of this page, or directly:


Casual and lighthearted



Electronic beats and retro feels

A synthesis challenge track reminiscent of the mid-90s “chemical beats” phase. All elements heard on the video (including drums and speech bits) were designed and DSP generated from scratch on a general purpose realtime synthesizer.


Quests and adventures




Sci-fi and space vibes

Distant transmissions and neon-lit outposts


Sound design, effects, atmospheres

A selection of custom produced audio in different genres, combining various techniques in recording, synthesis and post processing:

Straddling the distance between background music and effects, a specific musical part might accent an event like victory, loss, a game mode starting or, say, a logo fading in. Here are some that have appeared in my music:


The Message Box

Ping me here (or and I'll get back to you in no time.

Yes, messages in Finnish are okay, too ;)